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Storage - Outsourcing

One of the strengths of Mazzocco srl is its temperature-controlled storage services with warehouses strategically located close to the major road networks. Our refrigerated storage facilities cover an area of more than 25,000 m² (with our support network). We offer efficient and optimised storage solutions for managing goods, working quickly and guaranteeing our customers a competitive advantage.

The goods are guarded and stored in refrigerated, temperature-controlled warehouses for subsequent distribution in small batches and at set times, always in accordance with the customer’s administration procedures, reliably guaranteeing the organoleptic properties of the product and the packaging.

Our refrigerated warehouses can be used to store charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, patisserie items, dairy products and foodstuffs in general. Our national refrigerated courier service is, in fact, capable of transporting and storing in temperature-controlled conditions any perishable, fresh or dry food product.


Outsourcing your logistics function can be an effective and practical solution for attaining high levels of flexibility. By entrusting the management of this activity, of lower strategic importance, to reliable external organisations, you will gain clear economic and organisational advantages:

  • Speed: in relation to the delivery timescales for goods.
  • Optimisation: lowering the costs relating to the construction and management of your own warehouses.
  • Simplification: the organisational structure is simplified, whilst also focusing on developing the core business.
  • Safety and security: safe and secure storage of goods, thanks also to the skills of the authorised surveillance organisations.
  • Easier management of the physical flow of goods: picking, consolidation, preparation, custom packaging.
  • Advantages in the management of information flows: EDI, ERP, coding, Track & Trace, etc.