Mazzocco: da 20 anni garanzia di sicurezza e affidabilità

Mazzocco: 20 years of guaranteed safety and reliability

Mazzocco srl is a company that has been operating since 1997 and was founded with the acquisition of Alfredo Mazzocco Autotrasporti. Its registered office is in the municipality of Moscufo (Pescara) and it has branches in Bogolese di Sorbolo (Parma), also the headquarters for administration and logistics, Rome and Tavazzano con Villavesco (Lodi).

Since it was founded, the company has been operating in the cold chain sector, required in order to guarantee optimum storage conditions for perishable and dry foods. Both the headquarters and branches of Mazzocco have large warehouses with cold storage rooms and facilities equipped for the logistics management of products that require no specific temperatures for their storage and transportation.

The company operates with a focus on ensuring a reliable, safe and at all times punctual service, and this is one of the distinctive features of Mazzocco srl. The reliability is due to the professionalism of our team; the safety is due to the top-quality storage of the goods entrusted to the company; the punctuality relates to adhering to the timescales and arrangements agreed with the customer.
The storage facilities of Mazzocco srl are modern and equipped with alarm and infrared systems, with security cameras connected to a surveillance company. All of the various vehicles operating on long routes are fitted with special satellite security systems.

The company has implemented a self-monitoring food safety system based on the relevant legislation currently in force. Thanks to a company structure that can depend on highly experienced individuals in the national transport and courier sector, and thanks to the other features mentioned previously, with 20 years of business behind us, Mazzocco is a leader in the field of temperature-controlled storage and transport.


We have always operated in pursuit of excellence in our courier services and in the logistics of fresh and dry foods. We offer our customers (small and large companies) a wealth of experience, as well as transparency, loyalty and analytical skills.


We work honestly, investing in innovative solutions and training. Our future will involve a continued commitment to reaffirming the goals achieved and resetting them, to guarantee punctuality, integrity and the organoleptic qualities of the products entrusted to us.


800 distribution/collection vehicles serving the branches and partners
100 primary traction trucks
Possibility of dedicated vehicles
Branches and logistics platforms:
Parma, Sorbolo (PR), Tavazzano (LO), Nichelino (TO), Campi Bienzio (FI), Moscufo (PE), Rome.



Our company has implemented and actively operates a self-monitoring food safety system based on the principles of the H.A.C.C.P. method, designed to ensure that food hygiene regulations, food safety checks and traceability requirements are complied with in relation to the goods handled by us. Our self-monitoring food safety system is constantly checked and updated to incorporate both new amendments to legislation and improvements aimed at guaranteeing the best possible service. Mazzocco srl also bears the CE marking for its storage facilities in Milan and Parma.

Quality Management

The NEW LOGISTIC platform in 2001 was awarded ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system for the services of third-party storage, distribution and handling of perishable and dry foods.

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve, thanks also to a quality management system that involves all of the various activities responsible for the high quality of the services we provide.